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Fall Semester 2013

To my friends at 참글: Here are the PDFs for my coursebooks this semester.

  1. TPEC: Materails Design and Development (online)
  2. TPEC: Materials Design and Development (offline)
  3. TPEC: YL-Materials Design and Development
  4. TPEC: YL-TELS 2 (Reading & Writing)
  5. GSE-YL: Materials Use and Lesson PLanning
  6. GSE: Teaching Listening & Speaking
  7. GSE: Multicultural Education

Spring Semester 2013

A new semester and an updated and refurbished homepage. Some features that I hope to add in the coming months are:

1) I hope to get my moodle up and running and 2) I want to add the ability to do online surveys.

BoA's Project: July 11th, 2011

BoA follow this link!

Picture Links

My brother, Brian, took photos of the kids when we went back for Christmas in 2008. Here are a couple of links to the pictures he took.

Noah, BoA and Andy                                                            Just Noah 

Resuscitating the Blog

The blog was badly neglected in 2009, but the hope is that it won't be neglected in 2010. A new decade brings with it a new picture. I was torn between using an image of a trunk monkey or this Avatar Inspired Living Room. I went with the Avatar Inspired Living Room, because I have Avatar envy. I only wish my intellectual property grossed $500 million in three weeks. 

Coming Home for Christmas (2008)

Our travel date have been set. We leave Korea in the morning of the 24th of December and arrive Boston the evening of the 24th of Korea. Even though is a 22 hour flight we still manage to travel half the world in only a handful of hours. We will be returning to Korea somewhere around the second week of February. We are staying long enough to make sure we have a chance of overstaying our welcome J

Vacation 2008

The tradition continues...

Here's a gallery of our Samcheok Vacation 2008.

New Years Resolution:

To make a kick ass home page. 

One would think that since I have been playing around with HTML since 1995, I should already have a kick ass web page. Sadly this is not the case. I have always believed that quick and dirty was the best way to create a page. I tended to be more concerned with making content available to my students and not as concerned with the aesthetics of the page. Consequently I tended to use Microsoft products such as Word and Front Page. These would have to be the quintessential quick and dirty ways to create an uninspiring lump of pages.

Please note: This is my first attempt to use Cascading Style Sheets, so feel free to make fun of my efforts.

High Hopes!

I am hoping to not only have an aesthetically pleasing home page, but I also am planning on starting a blog, adding picture galleries, and book reviews .

I will also continue to provide links to course related content and materials for my TESOL students and my QuiLT Program participants. 

If you are interested in knowing more about me, follow the links below:          

Version: 4.2 (March, 2013)