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Thoughts on the End of a Dynasty

I have never considered myself a rabid sports fan, but I enjoy keeping up with my hometown teams, and since I live overseas following my hometown team doesn’t mean flipping through the sports section in the local newspaper. Instead I keep abreast of my hometown teams electonically. More specifically I have a newsfeed. This morning’s newsfeed brought me this article from the Providence Journal: “Pats Dynasty Died When Brady Hurt His Knee.” 

As the headline indicates, the article argues that the New England Patriot’s dynasty died not with the loss to the Ravens this year in the playoffs, but with Brady’s injury in 2008. I disagree. I believe the day the Patriot’s dynasty died was September 9th, 2007; the day that “Spygate” or “Videogate” was exposed.  Sure, the Pats went on to have an 18-1 season in 2007, but it was on that day that the mystique and majesty of the dynasty, the decade long dominance died. It died because what they had accomplished became sullied. It died because NFL fans and players alike looked differently at the Patriots. Where they once saw preparation, hard-work, and effectively implementation of tactical plans, they now saw cheaters and no one can respect or be in awe of cheaters.

Although this doesn’t change my feeling for the home team, I am still a Patriots fan. Furthermore, my feelings regarding “Spygate” or “Videogate” has also not altered my respect for Tom Brady. I believe Brady is great quarterback and his rise to prominence is a wonderful story of hard-work and determination; however, my feelings about Belichick are more ambiguous and complicated. Do I believe he is a great coach? Yes, but…and this is the key…his greatness is overshadowed by his ethical bankruptcy. He has a very Machiavellian approach to winning; that is to say he has a win at all costs mentality that allows him to justify the use of any means necessary, which, I believe runs counter to the idea of sportsmanship and fair play.

Monday, January 18th, 2010