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BoA’s Birthday

BoA had her birthday party at a restaurant in the Hye Yi Ri Art Village last night. She invited a half-dozen of her friends and they came to the party with their mothers and the occasional older or younger sibling. BoA presided over the entire affair like queen presiding over her court. She also, like a queen, wore her most opulent finery which quite outdid even the most fashionable of her retainers.

She wore an elegant grey and black outfit which, although not exactly a party dress, made her the most formal of the party goers. I suspect that she “dressed up” to entice Ha Jin and Jin Hyoung, two boys who are plying for her affection.  

Jin Hyoung wrote a very cute, although some what sad as BoA put it, letter. He attached the letter to BoA’s birthday present. In the letter he told BoA to find another boy because he was too fat for her. Jin Hyoung is a pudgy boy, but it is sad that he sees himself as not being worthy, so BoA is quite right; it is a sad letter.

Jin Hyoung; however, was unaware that BoA had a “boy friend” from her English Academy class and I suspect he may have written the letter so that BoA would feel sorry for him, which she did.  But because Ha Jin was at the party, BoA didn’t give Jin Hyoung the kind of attention that he had hoped for. In fact Jin Hyoung was very surprised when Ha Jin showed up at the party and immediately ran over to BoA and gave her a hug.  

Except for the aching heart of Jin Hyoung, the party was quite nice. Andy put himself in charge of pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a few shots of the party at a later date. 

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Back on the Horse

I’ve been off the teacher-training horse for almost four months, and today I got back on it.

A new QuiLT (Qualification in Language Teaching) Program started today. We have 29 Ps (Participants) which makes the PT (Practice Teaching) schedule a bit wonky. Gina and I have 10 Ps each while Dave has only 9. Yet another logistical nightmare created by the always “disorganized” (I’m being exceedingly kind; there are other words I could have chosen to describe them) combination of English Village Administration and the Gyeonggido Ministry of Education. 

The group seems quite talkative and that usually bodes well for the goal of teaching English in English. There is one drawback to loquacious Ps; however, and that is  we will constantly need to remind them that it is important if the goal is communicative language teaching to reduce the TTT (teacher talk time) and increase the STT (student talk time). 

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008