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Recognizing that you have a probelm is the first step to overcoming that problem

Here’s an interesting exhibit from work. Please let me know if you recognize the problem that they need to overcome. There are a visual cues to help you recognize the problem.

Professional Copy Editor

Primary Duties:
To proofread and correct company publications (including brochures, advertising campaigns, on-site banners, signs, etc). This can involve eliminating incorrect grammar and spellings, as well as selecting appropriate ESL vocabulary for publications.  Additionally, they will be involved with proofreading and correcting lessons and materials used in EV Curriculum.


Through knowledge of English grammar and spelling.
2-3 years of experience in editing and proofreading for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
2-3 years of experience in writing lessons plans, business proposals, grant writing, etc.
Preparing and editing content for newsletters, promotional materials, lesson plans, etc.

To Apply:
Applications due by 5pm on this SUNDAY JULY 20th

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to:
Director Anh at

If you were interested in applying, I’m sorry I posted it so late, but what do you expect from a guy who’s posted once since April third.

PS: A big thanks to Joe for telling me to check out this particular email. I typically delete these internal messages.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

So much TIME; So little TIME to Blog

If I ever had a readership I sure I would have bored them to death by now.  Can you believe I haven’t written anything since April 3rd!

Proverbial and true: TIME flies. Although I could rationalize this hiatus, I should face the music or absence of it: I didn’t make TIME.

In that TIME many “bloggable” events have occurred. Since I can’t blog about them all at one TIME, I guess I will begin by generating a list. Please forgive me in advance if it is a long list, but it really has been a long TIME since I last blogged.

I will soon be going on vacation. I will have lots of TIME. If I have a readership, you can let me know which of the tales you’d like me weave first. Each of the following numbered points represents a possible tale. I will do my best to write one per day starting the 28th of July. I have 18 days of vacation so that should be at least 18 tales. If we have a spectacularly wet monsoon season that number could easily rise.

In no particular order (unless stream-of-consciousness counts as an orgnaizational scheme):

  1. Restructuring at EV: A new CEO à The more things change the more things stay the same.
  2. Village Wars concluded: Dwight’s Plight and other tales of conflict and loss
  3. Selfish Gina and the lunch confrontation at the Double Decker Pub: Social skills? I think they’re overrated. 
  4. Is it me or did things get a little weird? Gina’s trip to TESOL and the SIT, EV, Daegu love triangle
  5. Take a Seat: Broken seal on the washing machine door, flooded house and Anna falls hard on her tail bone
  6. Noah’s Birth: Wanted to stay but needed more room à Water birth redux and the shutterbug midwife
  7. Looking for jobs: Round 1 à Would you go to heaven if you died right now?
  8. Looking for jobs: Round 1 à Jenny Yang @ Seoul Station
  9. I got a job: Sweet! Please meet Vice Principal Brawn
  10. Geoje Island, a Korean War POW camp, stunted palm trees, but not for me
  11. I lost a job: The Korean coup d’état  
  12. Looking for jobs: Round 2 à Have you ever considered being an ESL whore?
  13. Anna – Broken tail bone: So that’s why you’re such a pain in my ass
  14. Final session with SIT @ EV: Have I mentioned, “I’m done.”
  15. Telecom Immunity: Is it another step toward fascism in the US?
  16. What ever happened to HR24? New Hampshire’s resolution for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney
  17. Daewon, Mike Savage and the New York Times: Been there. Done that.
  18. The New York Times and Korean Food Culture: I could’ve written that article ten years ago!
  19. Gavin’s party and EV Boyz hysteria: “I know these guys!”   
  20. Missing my family and missing the fourth of July: Mom’s 80th
  21. The Portwalk Project, Google Earth and the discovery that my brother is a photographer: Who knew I had such a talent family!
  22. My new cell phone: They were just jealous. My old phone was sexy and it was green!
  23. The untrainable participant: KASA, confidence and the ELC
  24. BoA vs. Noah: Pictorial expose or why Dain isn’t Noah’s father.
  25. Pelosi finally gets is right: Bush is a loser.
  26. Money in Politics: McCain, Obama and federal funds.
  27. The Korean Diaspora: The kirogi appa and English Education
  28. The global economy, capitalism and the race to the bottom: A unionist’s take on comparative advantage and outsourcing
  29. Samcheok in doubt: Anna’s tailbone, five hour drives and an overstuffed mini-van
  30. Krashen, EV, and two-and-a-half years of observation: What he got right, what he got wrong, and all that still need to be done
  31. Andy, the National Soccer Tournament, the loser’s bracket and the suspicious bruises on his legs: Second best again!
  32. Andy’s friend’s mother and the revelation of the suspicious bruises
  33. Jangmonim’s apartment, adoption and a new school
  34. Tom: A Cat without a Home or à  Why Noah is my Enemy
  35. Jack: Alpha Male or à If you don’t let me eat your dinner I’ll give it to you up the ass
  36. Water Guns & “Shooting teachers is bad” à My own Milgram experiment
  37. Finding Noah’s Middle Name: An email experiement
  38. Identity in the Workplace: Thoughts on Korean Culture through a Chang Rae Lee lens

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008