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Neglected Blog

 These thoughts were scribbled in my notebook on 3/12/2009 while traveling between Hapjung Station and HUFS:

 It’s quite obvious; I’ve been neglecting my blog. The neglect has been continuous for the better part of four months. It started in the later part of December 2008 and has continued well through the first quarter of 2009. It’s not because there’s been a dearth of blog-worthy events; on the contrary, there have been plenty of things to write about in fact if one were to open up the various notebooks that serve as my journals and doodle pads, one could confirm that blog-worthy events have occurred. The pages of my notebooks are crammed with the lines, squiggles and undulations that comprise the nearly illegible manifestations of my thoughts.

Why then have I been neglecting my blog?

The answer, as always, is simply that life gets in the way.

2008 ended with me frantically trying to tie up loose ends as another semester came to an end. I had projects to assess, final exams to mark and twelve courses worth of grades to input. Yes, Korean universities tend to heap the work load onto their foreign staff; we are the adjunct professors of the orient.

With the semester at an end, I was not, however, free to fill my blog with the ruminations on the completion of another year because it was time to pack and prepare the family for an international excursion. We were off to America for the holidays and then some.

Once in America the holidays and family swirled around us and this continued to conspired against my ability to add anything to my blog. The holidays, as holiday always do, came and went and although life quieted there were still snow storms to shovel, luges to build. luges to maintain, trips to plan, people to see and shopping for friends and family in Korea. More importantly, however, there was a wife, a Nana and children to spend time with.

The international excursion has come to an end, a new semester is underway, and now I finally have time to dust off my blog while I wile away the time between classes. I will attempt to catch my self up, but I will be doing the updating eclectically. Consequently I cannot promise that I will adhere to chronological order, but I will do my best to type up and post all the random observations and thoughts that I have dutifully logged in the three or four notebooks that inhabit the bags, desks and offices of my life.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009