Repercussions from Ms. “No Look”

Just got back from the clinic in which Anna is spending the night. Seems there were some repercussions from our encounter with the “no look” ahjumma. Anna’s doctor wants her to stay the night for observations; something to do with abnormally tight muscle across Anna’s abdomen. Thankfully the ultra-sound says that Noah is doing fine.

The SUV hit us hard; hard enough to freak Anna out and cause her stomach to get abnormally tense. The guy at the repair shop said everything seems to be fine with the car.

I dropped the kids off at Jangmonim’s since they are on vacation and I have to work tomorrow. Anna thinks she’ll be home tomorrow. I hope she is correct.

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  1. Chip Says:

    Hey Jay,
    This is not a no look comment, but rather a hey ho for the whole affair. I especially enjoyed
    the mythological you.

  2. Doug S Says:

    You are a better man than I James Brawn. I too have wanted to start my own site, but as you, the time sees to travel to fast for an old man to catch up with.
    As far as coffee is concerned, I was very lucky that a MacDonald’s was just down the street on our recent visit to South Korea, I went one day without and that was enough for me.
    Sorry about Anna’s Aunt. Death is very difficult to accept, many questions always arise in my mind when I ask why. As we get older, death has taken up more of my time than I want. At least I get to see cousins at wakes

  3. Rebecca B. Kidder Says:

    Jay…I did not have Melissa because I was compasionate aI had her cause I was young and sex was a lot of fun. i am glad you enjoyed having her as a “babysister” though, glad i could help. I truely hope that Anna and the baby “Noah” are doing well, and the kids were not hurt during the accident…a Brawn Baby boy…Buzz would be so happy…Mason Martin Kidder is here. He was born on January 21 st. 7 lbs 14 oz…20.5 inches long..he looks very much like a Brawn baby…blue eyes long dark hair…he and Mandy are doing fine…they live with us…crowded…we all miss you…wish you would move home before I am too old to play….love you…blog on!

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