Anna’s Fever Broke

Anna’s fever broke on Saturday night and the boys were able to visit the hospital. We brought with us the supplies that Anna requested: Canned pineapples, fresh peaches and apples, face wash, and clothing. I was supposed to also bring 둥글레차 (Dunggeulle Cha) in a zipper lock bag. I brought some cut twigs, stems and branches that were in a zipper lock bag instead, but Anna informed me that it wasn’t what she wanted.

In my defense, I’m more of a coffee than tea kind of guy. For those of you who what to know more about Korean Tea, please follow the link.  I have included a picture of 둥글레차 (see below), but I can’t provide a picture of the tea I brought to the hospital because I ended up leaving it there. I searched for its name and image on the internet, but with no success. It doesn’t seem to be a popular kind of tea and no wonder; it truly looks like someone went outside and had at it with the dead shrub next to their house, and said, “Tah Dah…TEA.”

Dungguelle Cha

둥글레차 (Dunggeulle Cha) made from the dried root of Solomon’s seal


If Anna’s white blood cell count comes back up she will be released form the hospital in the next couple of days. The doctors, however, have postponed her next chemo session until they feel her immune system is ready for it. Once home, she will also be able to enjoy her 둥글레차.


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  1. Pamela Saurman Says:

    Hi Jay,

    I am so sorry to hear about Anna. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I hope she will get well soon!


  2. jbrawn67 Says:


    Thanks. I will pass this onto Anna. I will also remind her to check the blog. I can’t remember if I emailed her.

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  4. otroške ure Says:

    Great post. I am experiencing a few of these issues as well..

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