Anna Update Aug. 28th – Sept 7th

Anna returned to the hospital for her second chemo treatment on the 28th that left Noah and I to hold down the fort at home for a couple of days (8/28 ~ 8/30). Anna went in Tuesday evening and returned Thursday afternoon. Two fun filled days of absorbing toxic chemicals. Anna felt OK until about Saturday afternoon (9-1) and then the nausea and joint pain started.

Anna almost returned to the hospital on Tuesday, 4th of Sept. because her white cell count was very low, but since she didn’t have a fever the doctors allowed her to remain at home. Anna doesn’t want to return to the hospital because she says her hospital food sucks. I only mention this observation for the amateur anthropologist among us. I believe lousy hospital food must be a universal trait of humanity, because I have never heard of any one raving about the food they’ve been served in a hospital.

Anna and I have just returned from the hospital again. Anna had another blood test to monitor her white cells. Her white cells are still low, but seem to be on their way back up, so the doctor asked her to book room for chemo treatment #3 which will begin Tuesday, 7th Sept and end on Thursday the 9th.

Here is a picture of the shrubbery tea I mentioned in a previous post.

The shredded shrub I brought to the hospital because I thought it was the 둥글레차 (Dunggeulle Cha)

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  1. Linda Says:

    Thinking of you Anna, stay strong and with much love

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