Ups and Downs

On Saturday (Sept. 8th) Anna woke feeling weak and run-down by afternoon she was feverish. Even though the blood tests suggested her white-cells were supposedly rebounding, they apparently hadn’t rebounded enough to keep her well. As per the orders of her doctor, with a return of fever it meant that Anna had to return to the hospital. To make matters worse, traffic in Seoul last Saturday afternoon was hideous. A 12 km trip that should take 30 minutes or less turned into a two and a half hour nightmare.

We had left BoA in charge of Noah, because we only expected that I’d be gone an hour, but instead it took me four hours to make the round trip. Our home phone must have come unhooked, because when I tried to call home to tell BoA what was happening, all I got was a busy signal. Thankfully BoA is capable and Noah was good, so they weathered the storm. (And, no, BoA, didn’t call me once to find out why I was late which either suggest she is secure and independent or that she has a more polychronic conception of time).

After getting Anna checked in and settled in her room, I didn’t even consider for second that I would drive back. There was no way I was returning to that nightmare. I happily ditched the car in the parking garage and willingly paid the ten dollar (12,000 won) overnight fee.

By the time I got home I was starving, but I was completely uninterested in cooking so I grab a pizza from Pizza School. It’s not what I would call a quality pie, but it is cheap, fast, located at the subway stations and within two minute walking distance of the house. When I got home, I discovered that BoA had cooked dinner for herself and Noah. She had made a very nice Doenjang Jjigae (된장 찌개), rice and Geran Jjim (계란찜), so they were completely uninterested in my pizza.

On Sunday we visited Anna in the hospital and drove the car back home. In the afternoon, I went with Noah to his friend’s birthday party. Noah had a good time, but I was at times a bit overwhelmed by the 20 or so screaming kids.

Due to Anna’s immune system, the doctor has decided to postpone Anna’s next chemo treatment until next week, so Anna is looking to come home on Tuesday.

Originally written Monday, 10 September

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