A Decaffeinated Lunar New Year

According to Korean accounting I have officially become a year older and I certainly felt it for most of the week.

There were two major reasons for this. First I ran out of coffee; never good for one who is addicted to caffeine. My back has also been giving me problems since I went sledding a couple of weeks ago, so Anna recommended that I get a  massage, but the massage that was suppose to alleviate my back ache only made it worse. It left me so that I was barely able to move.

Prior to Lunar New Years, Anna and I had made a trip to Costco. While we were there I picked up some real coffee; coffee which required that it to be ground and brewed. Sadly most of the coffee I drink at work is of the instant variety, so I was really looking forward to a week of REAL coffee.

I came home from Costco, took the coffee maker out of the cabinet and gave it a thorough washing. I left the glass coffee pot drying in the dish rack. It was then time to take the dog for a walk. When I came back I discovered that one of my children had let a can of tuna fall into the dish rack smashing my coffee pot. Although I was disappointed about not being able to drink REAL coffee, I consoled myself with the thought that at least I’ll be able to go to my office and get some instant coffee.

The following morning I woke up, reached for my coffee and the grinder and remembered that my coffee pot was smashed. I grabbed my jacket and headed to the office only to find that the building had been locked down. I was unable to get in. I momentarily contemplated making a Spiderman impersonation, but my sore back reminded me that wasn’t a good idea.

I returned home and suffered through withdrawal which was only made worse by my back. Anna took pity on me and suggested that I get a massage from her massage therapist. I thought the decadence sounded nice so I agreed.

Anna booked me for an hour, but I only lasted thirty-five torturous minutes. I have had massages before in Thailand and Vietnam, so I thought I knew what to expect, but this woman pummeled me. She seemed to have only on setting: Bone Crushing. I left the massage clinic literally bruised and battered.

I spoke to Anna about it, and she wasn’t surprised. She enumerated a handful of times when something similar had happened to her. I asked her: “Why is the woman unable to control her kneading?”  Anna theorized that it had something to do with the fact that her husband was having an affair with a much younger woman. I decided to forego any further ministrations.

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